Board of Directors

Late Shri Chandulal Satia was the first Chairman and Late Shri Hiralal Bhagwati was the first Managing Director. Shri Bhagwati provided leadership to the bank for 11 years as Managing Director and then 21 years as Chairman. Shri Navnitbhai Choksi, leading cloth merchant and social activist lead the Bank for 2 years as Vice Chairman, 16 years as Managing Director and 3 years as Chairman. One prominent Industrialist Shri Ramakant Bhojnagarwala has also provided leadership as Managing Director for 3 years and as Chairman for 3 years.

Bank’s Board comprises of prominent personalities from all the field of the Society. There are chartered accountants, lawyer, Industrialists, traders on the Board of the Bank. At present Shri Kshitishbhai Mandanmohan is Chairman and Shri Prakash Bhagwati is Managing Director and Shri Indermal Pukharaj is Joint Managing Director.

The Bank had adopted a policy of conservatism towards growth of advances. Selection of borrowers was done very carefully so that the future prospect of bank’s business is not affected. The Board adopted a policy of care and vigil in selecting the business proposals on merits.

The Board has always given priority to the interest of Bank’s Depositors who have placed their hard earned money with the Bank.

Shri Nimishbhai B. Shah


Shri Shitalbhai N. Shah

Managing Director

Shri Ajay Navnitbhai Choksi

Jt. Managing Director

Shri Kshitishbhai Madanmohan


Shri Bhupendrabhai S. Shah


Shri Satishbhai H. Patel


Shri Indermal Pukhraj


Shri Prakash K. Bhagwati


Shri Malavbhai J. Shah


Shri Bakulbhai K. Pandya


Shri Manojbhai P. Modi


Shri Saumil S. Shah


Shri Jayeshbhai Bhatt (C.A.)

Co-opted Director